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Club Rules Renault Classic Car Club

1.The club shall be known as The Renault Classic Car Club but may be abbreviated to RCCC.

2. The objective of the club shall be to promote interest in all Renault vehicles in production more than 25 years ago and further to assist members of the club to access technical information and spares. The RCCC is a non profit making club.

3. Membership shall be open to anyone owning or interested in vehicles referred to in Rule 2

4. Honorary membership may be awarded to any person considered worthy by resolution of the club members at any General Meeting.

5. Any member may resign from the club on giving written notice to the membership secretary.

6. In the event of any dispute involving members, all communication must be conducted via the honorary secretary who will consult the management committee for adjudication. If the dispute involves a committee member, he or she will be excluded from the adjudication process.  The findings and decisions taken by the management committee are final and binding including expulsion of a member from the club if so decided.

7. The annual subscription fee shall be determined by the management committee and ratified by the membership at any general meeting

8. Any member who has not renewed their subscription within three months of expiry shall be removed from the club database.

9. The management committee shall consist of three honorary officers namely chairman, secretary and treasurer, plus up to eight additional committee members, all elected by the membership at each annual general meeting.

10. The management committee shall conduct club business by convening a meeting or corresponding electronically, which is deemed a meeting, with a minimum of five committee members participating to form a quorum.  The chairman or acting chairman at any committee meeting shall have the casting vote.

11. Minutes of each meeting shall be kept by the secretary or acting secretary of the meeting and recorded in a minute book; the minute book shall be available for inspection by members at any annual or extraordinary general meeting.

12.The management committee may co-opt a member to fill any committee vacancy until the next annual general meeting.

13. The management committee may appoint sub-committees and delegate thereto any functions or responsibilities as may be thought fit. No sub-committee shall spend more than a sum approved by the management committee. At least one management committee member shall be included in such a sub-committee.

14. The management committee may call an extraordinary general meeting at any time and the secretary shall call such a meeting if requested to do so in writing by not less than ten members. Notices calling such meetings shall be communicated to members at least 21 days prior to the date of the meeting. In all other respects the rules applicable to the annual general meeting apply.

15.  For any general meeting the quorum shall be twelve paid up members.

 16.The purpose of the annual general meeting shall be:-

     a) to present the reports specified in rule 19 .

     b) to elect management committee members

     c) to transact the business specified in the agenda

17. The notice and agenda of the annual general meeting shall be announced to all members at least four weeks before the meeting, stating the date, time and venue.

 18.  Any member may submit any motion to be considered providing it is sent to the secretary not later than 30 days prior to the meeting and bears the name of two paid up members as proposer and seconder. Such motions may include nominations for management committee members. Nominations for management committee members will also be accepted at the annual general meeting.

19. At the annual general meeting, the secretary shall present a report on the activities of the Club during the preceding year. The treasurer shall submit a financial report for the year ending the preceding 30th September. The management committee may arrange for other reports to be presented.

20.Only paid up members shall be allowed to vote at any AGM or EGM.

21. At any AGM or EGM decisions relating to agenda items, with the exception of proposed rule changes, shall be by a simple majority vote at the meeting. The chairman or acting chairman shall have a casting vote.

22. Any motion to amend or otherwise change the rules of the club shall be presented and discussed at an AGM or EGM but shall require the consent of 75% of Club Members. Such consent may be received by the Secretary from members personally, electronically or by post. A lack of response from a member will be deemed consent.

23. All monies belonging to the club shall be lodged in a bank or building society in the name of the Club; the bank or building society to be nominated by the treasurer and approved by the management committee and all interest on such moneys shall accrue to the club. The term "lodged in a bank or building society" shall permit separate deposit and current accounts as may be decided from time to time by the management committee on the advice of the treasurer.

24. A copy of these rules shall be distributed to new members upon joining the club, or upon request, and to every member following any changes or alterations to the rules, duly dated.

25. In the event of any dispute as to the interpretation of these rules, the decision of the management committee shall be final.

November 2018

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