Renault Classic Car Club

1. The Club shall be known as The Renault Classic Car Club.

2. The object of the club shall be to promote interest in all Renault cars in production more than 25 years ago and further     to assist members of the club with technical information and spares so as to keep their cars operational and in good order

The Club shall also form registers of the various models. With these objects in view the club shall arrange such motoring and social events as may be practical from time to time and may invite other clubs to attend such functions as may be decided by the committee.

  3.Full membership shall be open to anyone who at the time of his or her application to join the club owns one or more of the cars referred to in rule 2 and such persons shall be allowed to retain membership if they so desire even though they may dispose of their cars.

4. Associate  membership shall be open to anyone at the time of his or her application to join the club does not qualify for full membership but is interested in the club and it's objectives. Persons who qualify for full membership in accordance with rule 3 shall not be allowed to join as Associate members.

5. Overseas membership shall be open to anyone outside the British Isles who if resident therein would be entitled to full or associate membership.

6. Honorary membership may be bestowed by resolution of the club at any annual or extraordinary general meeting on any individual whose services to the club or to motoring are considered to be so outstanding as to merit such award. A simple majority in accordance with rule 22.26 and 27 shall be required.

7. All membership shall be open to two or more members of the same family living at the same address , who at the time of their application to join the club own two or more cars referred to in rule 2..

8. A person may transfer from associate member to full member at any time upon acquiring a car referred to in rule 2and payment of the difference between subscriptions.

9. Any member may resign from the club on giving written notice to the membership secretary.

10. If in the opinion of the Committee the conduct of any Member is injurious or prejudicial to the  interests of the Club, the Secretary shall write to the Member for an explanation of their conduct. If such an explanation is not received by the Secretary within 14 days or if so received is not considered satisfactory then the Committee may expel the Member. The Member may appeal at the next Annual or Extraordinary General meeting of the Club against such a decision of the committee and a simple majority of the votes cast at such a meeting shall be binding.

Notification of an appeal shall be made to the Secretary within 14 days of expulsion. Pending any appeal as aforesaid the Member shall be considered as suspended but will continue to receive the Newsletter and any similar publications.

11..Annual subscription shall be that deemed necessary by the Committee and ratified by the membership at any General meeting or Extraordinary general meeting.

12. Annual subscriptions shall fall due and shall be payable on or before the I st April. Any member joining on or after the 1 st January shall not be required to pay a further subscription on the following 1 st April.

13. Any Member who has not renewed their subscription by 30th May  shall be advised in writing that their membership has lapsed and no further Newsletters will be sent until renewal is received. All rights, privileges, benefits and claims against the Club are forfeited. Any lapsed member rejoining within one year shall be required to pay that years subscription to maintain unbroken membership.

14. The Officials of the Club shall be Honorary and three in number, namely Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and shall be elected annually at the Annual General meeting. The post of Treasurer shall include that of Membership Secretary. All officials shall be Full members.

15. The Officers of the Club shall be Registrars, Competition Secretary, Newsletter Editor,  Area Representative and such other officers as the committee shall deem necessary. The Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

16. Any Member may hold one or more positions as an Officer and no Official shall be prevented from holding a position as an Officer .

17. The Committee shall consist of three Officials and the Officers elected at the Annual General Meeting.

18. The Committee shall meet at least twice times in one year with at least three Full members present, two of whom must be Officials, to form a quorum. Minutes of each meeting shall be kept by the Secretary or Acting Secretary of the meeting and recorded in a minute book; the minute book shall be available for inspection by Full members at any Annual or Extraordinary General meeting. To fill any vacancy on the Committee, the Committee may co-opt thereon not more than two Full members in any year. The Chairman or Acting Chairman at any committee meeting shall have the casting vote.

19. The Committee may appoint sub-committees and delegate thereto any functions or responsibilities as may be thought fit. No sub-committee shall spend more than a sum agreed by the Committee. At least one Official shall be included in such a sub-committee.

20. The Committee may call an Extraordinary General meeting at any time and the Secretary shall call such a meeting if requested to do so in writing by not less than 10 Full members. Notices calling such meetings shall be sent to Full members only, at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting. In all other respects the rules applicable to the Annual General meeting apply.

21. The Committee may make minor alterations to the rules subject to such alterations being published in the Newsletter to enable any Full member to object. If no objections are received by the Secretary within one month of publication, the alterations shall be incorporated into the rules.

22. For any Annual or Extraordinary General meeting the Quorum shall be 15 Full members.

23. The purpose of the Annual General Meeting shall be:-

a) to receive and if thought fit adopt the reports specified in rule 25.

b) to elect such officials and officers as may be required by the rules.

c) to elect two Members as Honorary Auditors.

d) to transact such other business as may be shown on the notice of the meeting or which may. properly be brought forward before the meeting.

24. The agenda and notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to all members at least four weeks before the meeting, stating the date and venue. Copies of reports and items to be considered at the meeting shall be sent with the notice.

Any Full member may submit any motion to be considered providing it is sent to the Secretary not later than four weeks prior to the meeting and bears the name of two Full members as proposer and seconder. Such motions may include nominations for Officials, Officers and Auditors.

25. The Secretary shall submit to the Annual General meeting a report on the activities of the Club during the preceding year. The Treasurer shall submit a report, duly audited, showing the financial position for the year ending the preceding 31 st December. The Committee may arrange for other reports to be submitted.

26. Full members only shall be allowed to vote at any Annual or Extraordinary General meeting and postal voting forms will be circulated with the notice of meeting and shall be returned to the Secretary not less than three days clear (excluding Sunday) before the meeting.

27. At any Annual or Extraordinary meeting decisions shall be by a simple majority at the meeting plus any postal votes received in accordance with rule 26. The Chairman or Acting Chairman shall have a casting vote. The simple majority rule shall not apply to any motion to amend or otherwise change the rules of the Club; for this, votes must be received from at least one third of the Full members on the roll at that time and the motion must receive at least two thirds of these

votes to be carried; the Chairman or Acting Chairman shall not have a casting vote in this case.

28. All moneys belonging to the Club shall be lodged in a bank in the name of the Club; the bank to be nominated by the Treasurer and approved by the Committee and all interest on such moneys shall accrue to the Club. The term "lodged in a bank" shall permit separate deposit and current accounts as may be decided from time to time by the Committee on the advice of the Treasurer .

Cheques must be signed by the Treasurer and one other Official of the Club.

29. The spares owned by the Renault Classic Car Club are to be sold only to fully paid up Members of the Club. All goods ordered by members" of the Renault Classic Car Club must be paid prior to dispatch. Such spares are bought on the understanding that they are bought as seen, accepted and approved by the Member.

30. Throughout these rules the term "Member" shall include all classes of members unless prefaced by the word "Full" when it shall mean those members defined in rule 3.

31. A copy of these rules shall be made available to all Members upon demand and in the event of any dispute as to the meaning thereof the decision of the Committee shall be final.

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